About Me

My Mission

Hippocrates, the Greek father of medicine used the term Somatic to describe a living aware person in the body.  The concept to improve physical and emotional well-being follows in his footsteps.  Using a grounded approach helps the mind be aware of the physical and spiritual body, allowing it to recognize more quickly its needs. 

My mission is to educate about revitalizing our most precious resources for physical, mental, and emotional health. To provide a compassionate stress reducing environment to work with the branches, one at a time to untangle the trunk of our intricate tree of life.

My Experience

As a young girl I spent countless hours in the science lecture hall where my dad taught biology.  Edith, the real human skeleton hung on her stand entertained me and kept me interested. At dinner there would be chatter about saving lives on the Ambulance squad.  My mother would share her work day experiences doing brain wave testing.  I have been exposed to the body, its science, and working with people for half of a lifetime.

For the past twenty years I focused on my training and education of the Human skeletal, muscular and energetic body systems.  Becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist through the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy expands my practices of Intuitive Healing, Reiki, Vibrational Healing, 4-Dimensional healing, and using Pure Plant Essential Oils.

I am licensed in the states of Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts.  My training included detailed Kinesiology and Acupressure, East West Pathology, Neurology and extensive Anatomy & Physiology.

When I am not in the office working with beautiful humans you will find me with my daughter and beloved furfriends in Great Barrington, MA  or leading women circles in Millerton, NY, trained by Chris Maddox, founder of The Wild Woman Project, I lead circle once a month with Julie Kunz.  Feel free to inquire about details. See you there........